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> > If you're wondering this, then you haven't understood what's going on.
> I agree; usually it takes time for me to understand what's going on, since
> as I usually say "when it comes to understanding grammar, I'm an idiot".

The issue isn't one of grammar. The issue is that you're treating every
Klingon sentence written by Dr. Okrand as if it should be an example of
grammatical, normal, standard prose that one would find in a textbook, and
which should somehow illustrate a grammatical rule.

The text of the paq'batlh is related to a libretto for an opera. In this
particular passage, Kahless is making a plea to the warriors of Qam-Chee,
including the sons of Kahnrah. The original lines, in English, have Kahless
speaking first to the warriors, then switching his attention to the sons of
Kahnrah. That's the constraint that Dr. Okrand had to work with.

In this context, Dr. Okrand confirmed that this passage was fine as it was
written, and that the {je} conjoined the two {tlhIH}s.

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