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Thu Jan 26 12:01:33 PST 2023

Here’s Okrand’s untranslated Facebook post to Andre (2/11/2014):

  [bama/mIyanma] Hol mu'mey cha'be'.  mI'mey neH cha'.

Okrand later re-thought his transcription for Myanmar at qepHom 2016:

   For *France*, pronounced in French, the "n" also indicates
    nasalization - it's not pronounced as an individual sound - so,
    for Klingon, I just skipped it: {vIraS} (not {vIranIs} or something
    like that).  I followed the same line of thinking  for {mIyama}
    (rather than {mIyanma}).
So both {bama Hol} and {mIyama Hol} are correct, assuming they both refer to the same language.  OTOH one might be a simplified official language used nation-wide vs. an “authentic” language/dialect used regionally.  Does anyone know?

As for the country and people – why can’t they be referred to by more than one name?  E.g. Russian/Soviet, American/U.S./Yank(ee), English/British/Brits, Anglo-Saxons, Castillian/Spanish, etc.  There are historical, political, bureaucratic, ethnic, and religious reasons for preferring one over the other, but most outsiders don’t know, or even care, about those reasons.  (Especially imaginary aliens light years away in the Beta Quadrant over three centuries from now.)


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Thanks for reminding me.  There’s also {bama} (Burma) and {barat} (India).

I thought {mIyama} was the country and {bama Hol} was the name of the language. I don't think {bama} by itself is meaningful.
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