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> So both {bama Hol} and {mIyama Hol} are correct, assuming they both refer
> to the same language.  OTOH one might be a simplified official language
> used nation-wide vs. an “authentic” language/dialect used regionally.  Does
> anyone know?
> As for the country and people – why can’t they be referred to by more than
> one name?  E.g. Russian/Soviet, American/U.S./Yank(ee),
> English/British/Brits, Anglo-Saxons, Castillian/Spanish, etc.  There are
> historical, political, bureaucratic, ethnic, and religious reasons for
> preferring one over the other, but most outsiders don’t know, or even care,
> about those reasons.  (Especially imaginary aliens light years away in the
> Beta Quadrant over three centuries from now.)

Indeed, the usage of "Burma" vs. "Myanmar" is a matter of political dispute
and disagreement, with the choice possibly signaling one's allegiance to
certain causes. I think this is a serious pitfall of asking for vocabulary
dealing with 21st century political entities, like (North and South) Korea.
Presumably, these disputes have been resolved by the 23rd and 24th
centuries, but Maltz can't tell us how because it would violate some kind
of temporal prime directive or something (despite his somehow sending us
information about the Klingon language from the future), and so he's forced
to give us vocabulary which reflects the current state of affairs.

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