[tlhIngan Hol] joining numbers used for numbering by {je} and conjunctions

Alan Anderson qunchuy at alcaco.net
Tue Mar 22 13:05:30 PDT 2022

On Tue, Mar 22, 2022 at 9:24 AM mayqel qunen'oS <mihkoun at gmail.com> wrote:

> flood torpedo tubes one and two
> DuS wa' cha' je tIbuy'choHmoH

I would interpret *tIbuy'choHmoH **fill them* as meaning to *load torpedoes
into* the tubes.
If the intent is to flood them with water, why not use the word *SoD **flood

As for the actual question, I think you could conjoin the labeling numbers
that way, but I would probably be more clear with *DuS wa' DuS cha' je*.
Or, if the situation called for clipped speech, I might just say *wa' cha'
je SoD!*
If you really want to phrase it the way you put it, I suggest making the
plural torpedo tubes explicit: DuSmey wa' cha*' je...*

-- ghunchu'wI'
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