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> There were a couple of lines that involved verbs of speaking in the
> paq'batlh. Instead of snipping out parts of various discussions from all
> over the place, I'm just going to summarise the conclusions.
> [...]

SuStel vIjangmeH QInvam vIqonpu'.

The question came up on Discord whether one could write {SuStel vIjang}
({SuStel} being a name, the point being whether the third-person prefix
trick is limited to pronouns or if any noun can be used).

Going back through my discussions with Dr. Okrand, he wrote that {loDnI'Daj
vavDaj je} was fine as the object of {ja' qeylIS}, and that some possible
objects of {ja'} are an audience ({tlhIngan tuqmey}), a spoken thing
({lutmey} or {mu'mey}), or a topic ({SengmeywIj}). You can even have both
an audience (indirect object) and a spoken thing (direct object) together:
{le'yo' lutmey juja'pu'} (which means {maHvaD lutmey Daja'pu'}).

He didn't connect this to {jang} (different conversation, different passage
in the paq'batlh), but assuming {jang} works like {ja'}, I think this
confirms {SuStel vIjang} would be okay.

The known verbs of speech are: {jatlh}, {ja'}, and {jang}. Incidentally,
{jach} is not a verb of speech and requires {jach veqlargh jatlh <blah>}.

(I guess beginners should take care not to say {tlhIngan vIjatlh}, "I speak
to the Klingon" (= {tlhInganvaD jIjatlh}), when they mean {tlhIngan Hol
vIjatlh} "I speak Klingon". Also, looking back at the joke from Power
Klingon, {lutlhob} seems to be an example of a third-person prefix trick
(meaning {ghaHvaD tlhob chaH}), though we don't have enough examples of
{tlhob} in canon to say for sure.)

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