[tlhIngan Hol] Time elements and *qaStaHvIS*, continuous and perfective aspect

luis.chaparro at web.de luis.chaparro at web.de
Fri Feb 25 11:27:27 PST 2022


> Since you don’t mention what it is you are enduring, another option for your bonus question would be:
> ‘ewropngan’e’ masIQ.
> As for Europeans, we endure.

I was referring to the sentence I was discussing at the beginning of this thread, *poH nI' bov chep wISIQpu' 'ewropngan*. But your approach is a really interesting one when you don't need an object. Thank you!
> I think that “we” is the strangest grammatical person in both English and Klingon, since there’s an inclusive version (including those being spoken to) and an exclusive version (encompassing a group that does not include those being spoken to). Cherokee apparently differentiates between the two, though I think it does it by not having what you’d consider first person plural, instead constructing it out of elements, like “you and I” or  “he and I” or “they and I”.

I didn't know it. Thank you for sharing!

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