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> Although I'm not quite sure about the meaning of the word "excitement" in
> English. In Greek we use it for something good. For example excitement for
> an upcoming trip, excitement for a new date, excitement for a new well
> paying job. Is it the same in English too?
> "Excited" has also the sexual meaning. I'm not sure if it applies here,
> but it is a constant source of confusion for me, especially when reading
> texts that use the Klingon word *Sey'*. I hope Okrand clarifies that.
> It's unfortunate that the suggestion "be horny" is currently so down-voted
> at chabal tetlh.

To excite just means to cause a strong feeling (when we're talking about
the emotional meaning of the word, and not the excitation state of an atom
or something like that, to which the Klingon word probably doesn't apply).
Sexual excitement is just one kind of excitement. In most cases, excitement
probably refers to enthusiasm or motivation (like an exciting battle).

We have the canon example of {SeymoH QeH}, about which The Klingon Way says:
<For Klingons, anger is definitely not a negative emotion. On the contrary,
it can trigger acts of honor, energize battles, or prompt one to achieve
one's goals. It provides motivation for further action and, since taking
action is central to a Klingon's well-being, the overall effect is one of
stimulation, elation, and excitement. One's outrage should not lead to
recklessness, however, for careless action will interfere with one's
ultimate success.>

{Sey} probably *can* be used in a sexual context where the English
"excited/exciting" might be used, but that's really just the normal meaning
of the word applied to that context, and I don't see how it can be a source
of confusion in general. If you're not talking about sex, then {Sey}
doesn't refer to sexual excitement. (Now, contrast that with the English
word "intercourse", which usage is almost always assumed to refer to a
sexual context.)

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