[tlhIngan Hol] perfective {-pu'} using/combining aspect with no aspect

SuStel sustel at trimboli.name
Thu Apr 7 09:02:34 PDT 2022

On 4/7/2022 11:39 AM, mayqel qunen'oS wrote:
> wa'Hu' jIghungchoHDI', pItSa' vIvunpu'
> In the sentence above, wouldn't it be preferable if instead of 
> {jIghungchoHDI'} we had {jIghungchoHpu'DI'}, since we report an event 
> by looking back on it?

Only if you're reporting a completed act of becoming hungry. But that's 
not necessarily the function of *jIghunchoHDI'* here. You might be 
instead be talking about something happening /at the moment the change 
to being hungry occurred./

It's the difference between "Earlier, I wasn't hungry, and then switched 
to being hungry. Once this change was complete, I ordered pizza" (with 
*-choHpu'*) and "Earlier I wasn't hungry, then I switched to being 
hungry. As this change occurred, or just at the tail end of this change, 
I ordered pizza" (with only *choH*).

Which one you use depends on which story you're telling. The version 
with *-choHpu'* is probably about how, because you became hungry, you 
ordered pizza, while the version with just *-choH* might be about how 
your hunger and dinnertime happened to coincide. There might be other 
reasons to choose one or the other.

> And returning to the question troubling me earlier, I still have this 
> problem which drives me crazy:
> Regardless whether we write {wa'Hu' jIghungchoHDI', pItSa' vIvunpu'} 
> or {wa'Hu' jIghungchoHpu'DI', pItSa' vIvunpu'}, can't this be 
> understood as "I have (already) ordered the pizza, before I 
> become/have become hungry"?

Saying *wa'Hu' jIXpu'* doesn't mean "as of yesterday I have already done 
X." It means "yesterday, I performed a completed action X." "Completed" 
doesn't mean action X was a fulfillment of a goal; it's just a way of 
looking at action X from afar, without internal parts. If I say 
/Yesterday I ate dinner,/ that doesn't imply that I ate everything on my 
plate or that I stopped when I was no longer hungry; it's just a way to 
describe the eating from a temporal remove, in its entirety without 
internal detail.

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