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> Not instruments of the plucking kind, but qepHom 2019 gave us *ngItHel,*
> a stringed instrument that is played with a *ngItHel naQ,* a bow. I guess
> that it is a class of instrument rather than a specific one, so a violin
> and a double bass are both *ngItHel. *Presumably, one can also *pang* the
> *SIrgh* of a *ngItHel. *Otherwise, I see nothing that obviously touches
> on this.
As you said earlier, we can't necessarily determine what these instruments
are supposed to be just by their puns, but *ngItHel* written in xifan hol
is "fithel", which is an archaic word for a fiddle.

Additionally, the pamphlet from qepHom 2019 suggests that it refers
specifically to a violin-like instrument:
"They used one of these [*ngItHel*] in the production of the opera *'u'*."
and the accompanying picture shows something violin-sized.
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