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Note that “fiddle” is the more generic term for any small stringed instrument held at the shoulder, chest, or on a forearm and played with a bow. It typically has three or four strings. A violin is a fiddle, as is a rebec, or a pochet, though the violin-sized member of the viola da gamba family is not a fiddle because it is held like a miniature cello, upright on the lap, and it usually has six strings

… because I know you were all dying to know this.

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> Not instruments of the plucking kind, but qepHom 2019 gave us ngItHel, a stringed instrument that is played with a ngItHel naQ, a bow. I guess that it is a class of instrument rather than a specific one, so a violin and a double bass are both ngItHel. Presumably, one can also pang the SIrgh of a ngItHel. Otherwise, I see nothing that obviously touches on this.
> As you said earlier, we can't necessarily determine what these instruments are supposed to be just by their puns, but ngItHel written in xifan hol is "fithel", which is an archaic word for a fiddle. 
> Additionally, the pamphlet from qepHom 2019 suggests that it refers specifically to a violin-like instrument:
> http://www.qephom.de/book/qepHom2019_p_15.jpg  <http://www.qephom.de/book/qepHom2019_p_15.jpg>
> "They used one of these [ngItHel] in the production of the opera 'u'." and the accompanying picture shows something violin-sized. 
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