[tlhIngan Hol] some info about the title of Kahless the Unforgettable

Steven Boozer sboozer at uchicago.edu
Mon Oct 11 07:38:29 PDT 2021

FWIW the version without {-be'} is used in the paq'batlh's introduction:

(PB, p. vii-viii):  His [i.e. Kahless’] name is commonly accompanied by the epithet "The Unforgettable" ({lIjlaHbogh pagh}) or "The Greatest Warrior of Them All" ({SuvwI' Dun law' Hoch Dun [puS]}).

[ I don't have the paq'batlh available.  Is {puS} really omitted here? ] 

... while the version with {-be'} is used elsewhere:

yIntaHvIS qeylIS'e' lIjlaHbe'bogh vay' batlh 'etlhvam chenmoHlu'pu' 
this sword of honor descends from the time of Kahless the Unforgettable.
  [SkyBox S8]

qeylIS tIghmey'e' DaH tIQoy / teH tIghmey 'ej bIH bolIjlaHbe' 
Hear now […] The ways of Kahless, For they are true And unforgettable. (PB)

[ Is the epithet used anywhere else in the paq'batlh? ]

loD lIjlaHbe'bogh vay' wIlIjpu', tuqmeymaj tay'moHmeH qeylIS'e'. 
We have forgotten the Unforgettable, the last to unify our tribes: Kahless.
  [DSC "The Vulcan Hello" (NON-CANON)]

wovmoHwI' yItlha'.   tIquvma yItlha'.   tIquvma lIjlaHbe'bogh vay'! 
Follow the light.  Follow T'Kuvma.  T'Kuvma the Unforgettable!
  [DSC "Battle at the Binary Stars" (NON-CANON)]


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From: mayqel qunen'oS

Another good question would be how this all relates to saying "an unforgettable journey": {leng lIjlaHbogh pagh} or {leng lIjlaHbe'bogh vay'}.

Personally, I'd choose {leng lIjlaHbogh pagh} for a truly unforgettable experience, and {leng lIjlaHbe'bogh vay'} for an unforgettable journey which isn't as awesome as the former.

Of course, this is just my personal preference, and qeylIS knows I don't give a crap about what a klingon would or would not say.

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