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> Indeed, but unfortunately in Spain, in colloquial contexts, most people just use*americana*/*americano*  (f/m) to refer to people born in the USA, although these words actually mean, properly speaking,*people born in the American continent*  or*relating to the American continent*. Used in colloquial contexts,*estadounidense*  may sound a bit odd or stilted, so I usually specify:*una serie americana de los Estados Unidos*  (*an American series from the USA*). That's similar to what happens in German with*US-Amerikanerin/US-Amerikaner*  (f/m) and just*Amerikanerin/Amerikaner*  (f/m).
> By the way: I've just used*actually*  above and I was wondering if there is a way to say it in Klingon?

I'd break the /actually/ out into a separate sentence.

/*Americana / americano*/*lo' HochHom, 'ach pupHa' lo'vam. 'amerI'qa' 
yuweyDaq boghpu'bogh ghot Del mu'vam.
*/Most use americana / americano, but this use isn't exact. These words 
describe a person born on the American continent./

There are other ways you might do it. For instance, Instead of pointing 
out that using a/mericano/ isn't quite right, you could point out that 
those words meaning people born on the American continent is more correct.

English can create very long sentences with very precise modifiers and 
meanings. To express the same concepts, Klingon uses short clauses 
strung together in various ways.

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