[tlhIngan Hol] excuse me but what the jay' is {taymey}

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jatlh mayqel qunen'oS
> Could we assume that a {taymey} is something broader that just a
> chapter? That perhaps it could be many chapters taken as a whole, as
> long as these chapters collectively were about the same subject?
> But if that's the case, then perhaps a {taymey} could be a number of
> paragraphs within a chapter, provided that they dealt with a specific
> subject, a subject different than that of the rest of the paragraphs
> of that chapter.
> What are your thoughts on this approach?

I don't like it.  Books are already divided into sections.  For the majority of the narrative, those sections are chapters.  But some of the sections are not chapters and these would be {taymey}.  However, they would be individual sections separated from the other sections.  You don't get to just divide up the book in whatever manner you wish - the author and publisher have already marked off the sections.  The sections each have titles, but wouldn't be titled as chapters.  I supposed an author could decide to make a single paragraph a whole section and give it a title and a page break.  If the book has an epigraph, it is often just one sentence treated as a whole independent section of the book.

English also does not have a single word for this kind of outside-the-narrative section, thus the need for the paragraph-of-text definition given and the difficulty describing them even with long exposition.  "Section" is the closest we can get for a single word, but since you are imagining sectioning up the book in many different ways, it is clearly also not ideal.  However, you need to pay attention to the intentional sectioning by the author and publisher.  A {taymey} is a section in the same way that a "chapter" is a section.  It has been separated from the other sections and chapters of the book in a consistent manner for that publication.

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