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Fri Nov 5 06:17:19 PDT 2021

> I use "ointment" and "unguent" to refer to something in a petroleum jelly base (vaseline).
> I use "salve" to refer to any topically applied treatment regardless of base. I've never been
> certain that I am using them "correctly", but that's the best understanding I've been able to glean.

This matter has been confusing for me too.

In Greek we don't use so many words; there's just one word and that's
it. As in matter of fact, in order to be sure, I placed in google
translate each one of the "unguent/ointment/salve", and even google
always provided with that one single word, which we use in Greece.

So, I can't "feel" the difference each one of these words has when
it's compared to the other.

> Odd. The KLI's New Words List doesn't list qulcher cream separately from nIm qulcher taD ice cream.

KLI's New Words List isn't worthy to be used even as a toilet paper to
wipe one's ass with it. Not even a cat's ass.. Perhaps it *could* be
used to wipe a dog's ass, but even for that I can't be sure.. This is
something I realized over the years, which is why I stopped paying any
attention to it. I trust boQwI', I trust the klingon wiki, and I trust
the records I keep myself. But the kli's new words list? I wouldn't be
caught dead trusting it.

> In Klingon, we also have the word 'Ir be creamy, pasty,
> which has the note "in the sense of toothpaste. Describes smooth, thick liquids or liquid-like things."

I've totally forgotten about the {'Ir}. This verb gives me the idea of
{Hergh 'Ir}, which describes exactly what I was looking for.

nIqolay Q:
> taS "solution" was used to translate "suntan lotion" as DIr QanwI' taS for TalkNow!,
> so I tend to think of taS when describing various topical liquids, goops, and the like.
> You could try variations like Hergh taS 'Ir "creamy medicinal solution", 'oy'Ha'moHmeH taS jeD "
> viscous solution for soothing" (that is, "for making something un-hurt"), or the like.

I've totally forgotten about {taS} too.. And obviously I've totally
forgotten about the {jeD} too. And the beauty of {jeD}, is that you
can use it in conjunction with the suffixes {-qu'} and {-chu'} and/or
the adverb {loQ}, thus being able to describe how much "runny" the
solution/medicine is. Hell, you can even throw in a {Dem} to describe
it's transparency too.

Anyways, your replies gave me many wonderful ideas, so thank you all
for sharing your thoughts.

Ζεὺς ἦν, Ζεὺς ἐστίν, Ζεὺς ἔσσεται· ὦ μεγάλε Ζεῦ

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