[tlhIngan Hol] Present tense and context

luis.chaparro at web.de luis.chaparro at web.de
Thu Jun 24 03:13:12 PDT 2021


>Yes, you can use {-pu'} with {-DI'} but it's not common. In fact, I could only find one example:

>'uQ wISoppu'DI' maja'chuq
>We will talk after dinner. (PK)

>You can also use {-ta'} with {-DI'} :

>lojmItDaj veghta'DI' jubbe'wI'
>yInqa'meH chegh 'e' botnIS qotar
>qeylIS HoHmeH qotar qeylIS SamnIS
>Still, Kotar cannot let a mortal
>Pass his gates and return alive,
>Kahless must be hunted down and killed. (PB)

>QIStaq 'emDaq jenchoH jul,
>yor DungDaq Salta'DI'
>tagh HarghchuqmeH poH
>The sun rises high behind the Kri'stak,
>When it rises over its top,
>It is time to do battle. (PB)

>I couldn't find any examples of {-pa'} with a Type 7 aspect suffix however.

Thank you very much for this helpful information! If I understand you correctly, these are all canonical examples with *-DI'* and a perfective suffix, not just those that relate to the present / future? I mean, there is no canon of *-DI'* or *-pa'* with a perfective suffix, but in a past context? Are the canonical examples in the past always without perfective suffix? Thank you again!

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