[tlhIngan Hol] Present tense and context

Steven Boozer sboozer at uchicago.edu
Wed Jun 23 12:34:42 PDT 2021

Yes, you can use {-pu'} with {-DI'} but it's not common.  In fact, I could only find one example:
   'uQ wISoppu'DI' maja'chuq 
   We will talk after dinner.  (PK)

You can also use {-ta'} with {-DI'} :

   lojmItDaj veghta'DI' jubbe'wI' 
      yInqa'meH chegh 'e' botnIS qotar 
      qeylIS HoHmeH qotar qeylIS SamnIS 
   Still, Kotar cannot let a mortal 
      Pass his gates and return alive, 
      Kahless must be hunted down and killed.  (PB)

   QIStaq 'emDaq jenchoH jul, 
      yor DungDaq Salta'DI' 
      tagh HarghchuqmeH poH 
   The sun rises high behind the Kri'stak, 
      When it rises over its top, 
      It is time to do battle.  (PB)

I couldn't find any examples of {-pa'} with a Type 7 aspect suffix however.


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Yes, I'd noticed that *jImejpa'* could be the key for not interpreting it in the past, but I felt a little insecure. I wasn't sure if I should even use *-pu'* with *-pa'* or *-DI'* for the future, but probably I was influenced by the German *nachdem* (*after*), which always comes with the present perfect or the past perfect.

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