[tlhIngan Hol] Why the half-measure of 'e' neHbe' vavoy?

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> Grokh:   Qo'!  pe'vIl DIHIvlaH, <QaplaH> tlhob <be---HaH >    (??) -or-
>                <QaplaH <pla'> pe'vIl  <or: Qapla' ghobe' laH'a'>       (??)
>                (We can take whole by force, what they propose to divide.)
> [...]
> And yes, before you ask, Grokh’s line was nearly unintelligible even
> though we have the subtitle and I’ve included a couple of versions I’ve
> collected.  Has anyone finally figured out what the actor was trying to say?

Dr. Okrand didn't remember the original line when I asked him about it, but
acknowledged that it had been flubbed. In that case, recovery is likely

The reconstruction which I have in the latest draft of my Klingon subtitles
for Star Trek VI has this:
{Qang, wa' naQ'e' pe'vIl wItlhaplaH, Dol lulaghpa'.}

Anyone who's interested can listen to it here:

Admittedly, it's not an exact match, but it was as close as I was able to
get and still have something resembling the meaning of the English

{pe'vIl}, "forcefully, by force", {naQ} "be full, whole, entire, complete",
and {lagh} "take apart, disassemble" were likely invented for this line, as
they appear in the Appendix of TKD and match the intended meanings, but
only {pe'vIl} can be heard clearly. {wav} "divide" might've been intended
to be in this sentence based on the meaning, but if so, it was
mispronounced. (Where I have {wa'}, the actor actually said something like
{wawa}, which might've been {wav}.)

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