[tlhIngan Hol] Why the half-measure of 'e' neHbe' vavoy?

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Tue Feb 16 07:51:42 PST 2021

>FYI, here’s the transcript of the war
> council on Kronos One (after Gorkon's
> assassination) as I’ve reconstructed it
> over the years:
> Grokh:   Qo'!  pe'vIl DIHIvlaH, <QaplaH>
> tlhob <be---HaH >    (??) -or-
>               <QaplaH <pla'> pe'vIl  <or: Qapla'
> ghobe' laH'a'>       (??)
> (We can take whole by force, what they
> propose to divide.)

I've wondering for years what the jay' Grokh was actually saying. All I
understood was a {o He o aH o e Ha HaH}.

At first I thought it was my fault I couldn't understand a word, but now,
your comments verified what I've been suspecting all along:

Grokh was hammered by romulan ale, so he couldn't speak clearly..

Other that, I don't suppose we have a Ca'Non translation of the name
"Kerla", do we?

He's by far my favorite klingon in st6.

~ Dana'an
o He o aH o e Ha HaH
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