[tlhIngan Hol] Why the half-measure of 'e' neHbe' vavoy?

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FYI, here’s the transcript of the war council on Kronos One (after Gorkon's assassination) as I’ve reconstructed it over the years:

Kerla:     DIHIvlaHtaHvIS DaH DIHIvnIS!
                (Attack them now, while we still can!)
Khmarr:  DIHIvbe'ch[ugh] qo'chajDaq toy'wI''a' DImoj.             (?)
              (Attack or be slaves in their world.)
Grokh:   Qo'!  pe'vIl DIHIvlaH, <QaplaH> tlhob <be---HaH >    (??) -or-
               <QaplaH <pla'> pe'vIl  <or: Qapla' ghobe' laH'a'>       (??)
               (We can take whole by force, what they propose to divide.)
Azetbur: ghu'maj Dayajbe'law', Sa'.
               (You don't seem to grasp our situation, General.)
Azetbur: notlh veS... 'a tugh manotlhchoH je maH.
               (War is...obsolete. As we are in danger of becoming.)
Kerla:   QamvIS Hegh qaq law' torvIS yIn qaq puS.
              ("Better to die on our feet than live on our knees.")
Azetbur: 'e' neHbe' vavwI'    [or  vavoy]
              (That wasn't what my father wanted.)
Chang:  Your father was killed for what he wanted.          [In English]

Note that Azetbur was immediately responding to Kerla’s quotation.  In fact, Chang also refers to “what he wanted” (albeit in English).

And yes, before you ask, Grokh’s line was nearly unintelligible even though we have the subtitle and I’ve included a couple of versions I’ve collected.  Has anyone finally figured out what the actor was trying to say?

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However, there's something I'm wondering with regards to this scene..
How was it that it happened exactly?
I mean, the author playing 'a'Setbur received a paper with the klingon dialogue, where the {'e' neHbe' vavoy} was written.
So, the million dollar question is "who wrote that paper?"
Because if the {'e' neHbe' vavoy} was written by maltz himself, then it'd be sooo tempting to start {'e' neH}ing like there's no tomorrow..
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