[tlhIngan Hol] do we {baH} or do we {bach} an arrow

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Wed Aug 25 11:23:19 PDT 2021

If you want to say “pull/draw the bow [string]” use {Hur}:

Hur                                      pull,  tug (v) (qepHom 2020)
--  “refers to the action of pulling back the string of the bow but also to pulling the handle on a door to open or close the door or to pulling on someone's suspenders” (qepHom 2020)

HurDagh chuHwI'            bow (for arrows) (n) (qepHom 2020)
--  “(not a Klingon device), lit. "stringed-instrument hurler" (qepHom 2020)

HurwI'                                 bow (for arrows) (n) (qepHom 2020)
--  “short form” (qepHom 2020)

Note the use of {chuH} “throw/hurl (a spear) at” in the first word for bow.  I suppose a {naQjejHom} “arrow” is after all a small {naQjej} “spear”.


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On 8/25/2021 7:55 AM, mayqel qunen'oS wrote:
Is there an answer as to whether we {baH} or {bach} a {naQjejHom}?

Is there a right answer to this? Or do we pick one in random? Or do we ask qeylIS? Or do we consult with the oracle of the Cat of the Underground?

I believe that baH is used for self-propelled weapons, while bach is used for unpowered attacks projected from a device, and chuH is for unpowered hurled attacks. I base this simply on the glosses and examples we have, not an explicit description.

That would mean you bach a naQjejHom. On the other hand, since naQjejHommey are not a native Klingon invention, Klingons might not have a strong preference for which word to use, and its association with naQjejmey, which you chuH, might lead them to say that you chuH a naQjejHom.

If you want anything more definitive, you'll probably have to go ask a Klingon.
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