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Fri Aug 20 09:29:49 PDT 2021

Luis, sorry I didn't respond right away but I wanted to research this a bit:  How to refer to more than one "purpose noun"?  AFAIK we only have three plural examples.  

The general plural is formed - as you would expect - by adding the usual plural suffix to the noun:

   'elmeH chaw'mey je'lu'ta'bogh 
   will-call tickets  (Washington Shakespeare Company)

   je'meH lengmey 
   Shopping (TalkNow: a "Category Title")

When there is a number stated the number is inserted between the VERB + {-meH} and the noun which has the plural suffix:
   polmeH jav QujwI' lIwmey 
   6 collectible tokens (Monopoly)

As always remember that plural suffixes are optional in Klingon, especially with a number (which makes it clear there's more than one).

Voragh, Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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1. With *paq wab ta*, *ghelmeH ngutlh* and *QulwI'* I've tried to render the meanings *audiobook*, *question mark* and *investigator/detective* respectively.  [...]

2. Is the position of the number *wej* in *ghelmeH wej ngutlh* right? Or should it go before the purpose clause, assuming *ghelmeH ngutlh* is a unit?

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