[tlhIngan Hol] Beginner's text and questions

luis.chaparro at web.de luis.chaparro at web.de
Sat Aug 21 12:36:58 PDT 2021


> Luis, sorry I didn't respond right away but I wanted to research this a bit: How to refer to more than one "purpose noun"? AFAIK we only have three plural examples.

No problem! I really appreciate the help I get here and I can absolutely understand that it's not always possible to reply to all emails immediately or even to get all questions answered. So: thank you very much for your reply!

> When there is a number stated the number is inserted between the VERB + {-meH} and the noun which has the plural suffix:

>polmeH jav QujwI' lIwmey
>6 collectible tokens (Monopoly)

That's exactly what I was looking for!

By the way, may I bother you with the other question? I also tried to render the meanings of *audiobook / audio drama*, *question mark* and *investigator / detective* (*paq wab ta*, *ghelmeH ngutlh* and *QulwI'*). Is there a better translation for these terms? Thank you!

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