[tlhIngan Hol] Explicit pronouns again

Luis Chaparro Caballero luis.chaparro at web.de
Tue Oct 13 07:32:57 PDT 2020


> If you want to stress the jIH, kind of like raising your hand to be noticed, you might say puH Duj vIghaj jIH and say the jIH extra loudly. ("Ooh! Ooh! *I* have a car!" You're not excluding someone else from having a car. And you'd have to say the jIH loudly. Just saying jIH without stressing it isn't enough.)

Because if I don't stress the *jIH* or say it extra loudly, the sentence *puH Duj vIghaj jIH* would only be an extra clear version of *puH Duj vIghaj* (if I want to be extra sure people understand me), but it wouldn't make the effect of attracting attention, right?

> The answer to puH Duj ghaj 'Iv could be puH Duj vIghaj, puH Duj vIghaj jIH, or puH Duj vIghaj jIH'e', depending on what you want to emphasize.

Is it also acceptable if I answer without explicit object?
*vIghaj jIH*
*vIghaj jIH'e'*

And what about answering only with a pronoun? Is it allowed in Klingon?

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