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On 10/12/2020 1:41 PM, Luis Chaparro Caballero wrote:
> Suppose you are discussing how you can go somewhere and I want to give you the information that I have a car and I want to help. Is it right if I say: *puH Duj vIghaj*? *puH Duj vIghaj jIH* would only make sense if I want to be extra clear, right?
> And if someone asks: *puH Duj ghaj 'Iv?*, which one would be the "normal" or "usual" answer in Klingon? Once again, *vIghaj jIH* would only be used if we want to be very clear or we want to be sure people understand us, right? So maybe *vIghaj* or simply *jIH*?

*puH Duj vIghaj* and *puH Duj vIghaj jIH* are both perfectly acceptable. 
You are not forbidden from using an explicit pronoun whenever you want. 
If you did it all the time, Klingons would probably think you're 
speaking in a funny way, but that's all. If you do it one time for no 
reason, I don't think any of them would even notice.

The answer to *puH Duj ghaj 'Iv* could be *puH Duj vIghaj, puH Duj 
vIghaj jIH,* or *puH Duj vIghaj jIH'e',* depending on what you want to 
emphasize. If you just want to state the fact without any embellishment, 
you might say *puH Duj vIghaj.* If you want to stress the *jIH, *kind of 
like raising your hand to be noticed, you might say *puH Duj vIghaj jIH* 
and say the *jIH* extra loudly. ("Ooh! Ooh! *I* have a car!" You're not 
excluding someone else from having a car. And you'd have to say the 
*jIH* loudly. Just saying *jIH* without stressing it isn't enough.) If 
you want to say that YOU have the car, not somebody else, you'd say *puH 
Duj vIghaj jIH'e'.*


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