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> > Is there a {DeS Do'ghI'} and if so, what specifically does it refer to?

> He did not talk about it, so I guess there is no such thing. Or we don't
> know yet. At this moment, I would only list it as "calf, back of leg",
> not more. (Even in English, a "arm calf" does not make sense, but that
> doesnot count in Kingon anyway)

But in English, an "arm knee" doesn't make sense either, but we know it's
an elbow.

If someone didn't know English and described something which is the
analogue of the calf, but on the arm, I'd understand it as the bicep.

> It was just a random example to make the difference, which is quite simple:
> hang, transitive = HuS
> hang, intransitive = tlhep

So once you {HuS} something, its state is {tlhep}? But something which is
{tlhep} wasn't necessarily {HuS}'d?

>     {'o'nI'} - foam, froth
> >
> > Is this a verb or a noun?
> Definitely a noun. It's like the foam you see on a cappuccino, on a
> beer, in the water a shoreside, in the bathtub etc. A summary of many
> bubbles.

Okay. In English, "foam" and "froth" could also be verbs, so it's good to
clarify this.

> > Is a {tamlerQeD yaH} the entirety of a {tamlertej}'s {Qulpa'}, or just
> > the table/desk/station in the {tamlertej}'s immediate work area? I
> > assume the latter since that corresponds to a "duty station" on a ship,
> > but the other examples suggest a {yaH} could cover a much bigger area or
> > concept.
> I did not give the translation because Okrand also did not.
> But I agree with what you said. Compare the {jonSeH yaH} with the
> {jonta' pa'}. I think it's okay to assume that the {yaH} is part of the
> {pa'}, but on the same time, {yaH} could also refer to the entire
> working place (like "I'm at the office", I'd say yaH).

Thinking about this some more, on a ship or station with a {Qulpa'}, you
could have multiple {yaH} within it corresponding to the various sciences.
That is, you could have a {tamlerQeD yaH} and a {HapQeD yaH} and a {HovQeD
yaH} and so on, within the same {Qulpa'}.

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