[tlhIngan Hol] {-'e'} on locatives which don't take {-Daq} and {-'e'} on time stamps

mayqel qunen'oS mihkoun at gmail.com
Fri Aug 28 04:51:06 PDT 2020

> Dat'e' romuluS Dujmey tu'lu'
> I’m a little confused.
> {tlhIngan Duj} is a Klingon ship because the ship is associated with a Klingon or with Klingons.
> {romuluS Duj} is … a Romulus ship, not a Romulan ship. It apparently belongs to or is associated
> with the planet, not the people on it. I would have expected {RomuluSngan Duj}. Either that, or we
> should be talking about {Qo’noS Duj} instead of {tlhIngan Duj}.

bIlugh, charghwI'. jIQaghba'pu'. {romuluSngan Duj} mu'tlhegh
vIqonnISpu', 'a jIQaghpu'.

> I find it odd to add {-‘e’} to a locative, since there are very few locatives that can take a Type 5 suffix,
> since most locative references use {-Daq}, which is Type 5, and you can’t have two Type 5 suffixes on a noun.

ghu'vam yIjal:

(ja'chuq Qang HoD je..)

- qatlh nIjeypu' romuluSngan ?
- Dat romuluSngan Dujmey tu'lu'pu'.
- law'pu''a' romuluSngan Dujmey ?
- HIja'. 'ej Dat tu'lu'pu'.
- Hoch Dujmeyvam 'uchlaHpu'be''a' nuHmeylIj ?
- 'op Dujmey 'uchlaHpu' nuHmeywIj, 'a Dat'e' Dujmey tu'lu'pu'.
(my weapons have been able to lock on some ships, but there where

muj {-'e'} lo'vam 'e' DaHar'a' ?

chaq DaH mughelqang vay'.. < maj. locatives emphatic {-'e'} ghantoH
Da'oghlaH. 'a locatives "as for" {-'e'} ghantoH Da'oghlaH'a' ? >
Do'Ha' Sarvam ghantoH vI'oghlaHbe', 'a locatives "as for" {-'e'} lo'
bot pagh pab chut, qar'a' ?

> I do interpret the second example as "As for Monday, I begin to work.” I could see you continue with more
> sentence that follow, all still on the topic of Monday for as long as it makes sense for that topic context to hold.
> You don’t need {-‘e’} for a simple time stamp and it’s not like a head noun of a relative clause — you aren’t
> grammatically marking the noun toward some grammatical disambiguation. Maybe you are being emphatic,
> or you are setting up a topic, and topics are significant enough to provide contexts for multiple sentences,
> or so I’ve always presumed.

ghu'vam yIjal:

ja'chuq cha' jup. 'ej wa'vaD Hogh nabDaj DelchoH latlh. vaj jatlh: <
DaSjaj jIleS, povjaj jIleng, ghItlhjaj jIvut, loghjaj jIqeq, buqjaj
jIwam, lojmItjaj jIHaD, 'ej jaj wa''e'.. jaj wa''e' jIQong. > naDev
"as for" {-'e'} tu'lu'ba'.

'a ghu'vam yIjal je:

ja'chuq cha'; DaSjaj juHchaj lutI' 'e' qapchu' wa'. vaj wa'vam jatlh
latlh, berghchoHpu'DI' latlhvam: < DaSjaj'e' jIvumnIS. > naDev
emphatic {-'e'} tu'lu'ba'.

"as for" {-'e'} "emphatic" {-'e'} *je* ghajlaH time stamps 'e' bot
pagh pab chut, qar'a' ?

~ Qa'yIn

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