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Wed May 29 09:19:38 PDT 2019

On 5/29/2019 12:00 PM, Riley Dosh wrote:
> Qapla'!
> ghojchoHwI' jIH. tlhIngan Hol vIjatlhHa', 'ach mu'ghom vIlaDlaH. wej 
> ngoDHommey jIHvaD vIghajbe'.
> I noticed talk about neutral gender yesterday, which leads me to ask 
> about LGBT terminology as a whole, since it's heavily gendered language.
> Concerning trans people, I've defaulted to be' ghe'/be' ghe'pu' and 
> loD ghe'/loD ghe'pu', but I welcome any suggestions.
> As for gay/lesbian/bi and straight people, I'm have no idea, although 
> I know it's been at least implied by MO before. Anybody know how one 
> would say that?
> Thanks for maintaining this mailing list.

Is *ghe'* your transliteration of /gay?/ Please don't transliterate 
terms that should be translated. If you can't translate it, keep it in 
its original form.

A very crude way of saying /gay///or /lesbian/ might be *loD ngaghbogh 
loD*/man who mates with a man/ or *be' ngaghbogh be'*/woman who mates 
with a woman./ This, of course, doesn't account for the entire spectrum 
of preferences. You could go on with *loD be' je ngaghbogh loD*/man who 
mates with men and women/ and*loD be' je ngaghbogh be'*/woman who mates 
with men and women./ /Trans/ might be *be' mojpu'bogh loD*/man who has 
become a woman/ and *loD mojpu'bogh be'*/woman who has become a man,/ 
though this might be insulting to trans people ("I'm not a woman who has 
become a man; I'm a man!"). And so on.

I don't particularly like any of those as translations, but we don't 
have any information about how Klingons might talk about these things. 
Klingons are typically depicted as somewhat xenophobic, sexist, and 
intolerant; they might not be sensitive to these classifications. Since 
in English these terms are all jargon and re-appropriated pejoratives 
rather than neutral descriptive words, we might expect LGBTQ Klingons to 
name themselves in the same way, in which case no amount of searching 
for the right words is going to give us the right terms.


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