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On 5/1/2019 2:28 PM, Will Martin wrote:
> Second, they didn’t carry out the mission on the Moon. The purpose of 
> the mission was to land on the Moon, so the “on the Moon” location 
> applies only to the purpose of the mission, not the carrying out of 
> the mission. They carried out the mission from the launch from the 
> surface of the Earth, to landing in the ocean and everywhere along the 
> long, loopy path in between. The mission was not complete until the 
> astronauts were safe at home and the moon rocks and photographic film 
> were delivered to the appropriate entities on Earth.

That's not what this sentence says. It's talking about a *SaqmeH 
Qu'*/landing mission,/ not the entire mission of going, landing, 
exploring, and returning.

> Thirdly, {maS SaqmeH Qu’} is ungrammatical because you can’t put a 
> verb in the middle of a noun-noun possessive construction.

Says who? *SaqmeH Qu'* is a noun phrase, and noun phrases can count as 
the "noun" parts of a noun-noun construction. Are you saying that if I 
have a *pe'meH taj*/cutting knife, /I can't talk about the *jonwI' 
pe'meH taj*/engineer's cutting knife/?

> I have no problem with {maSDaq SaqmeH Qu’} meaning “The mission which 
> has the purpose of [something] landing on the moon. It is a little 
> ambiguous because without a stated subject for {Saq}, you could 
> interpret it as “In order that the mission lands on the Moon…”, but 
> then we’d have to find something later to apply this purpose to, and 
> there aren’t any good candidates. Besides, how does a mission land on 
> the Moon?

We have lots of these "infinitive" purpose clauses. *pe'meH taj*/cutting 
knife, /*ghojmeH taj*/boy's knife (learning knife),/ *qIpmeH 
Qatlh'a'*/difficult to hit? /*QongmeH qItI'nga Duj*/  K'Tinga-class 
sleeper ship, /*qa'meH vIttlhegh*/replacement proverb./ There is no 
trouble interpreting *SaqmeH Qu'* as /landing mission/ and *maSDaq 
SaqmeH Qu'* as /moon-landing mission./


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