[tlhIngan Hol] Is DIn the opposite of qa'rI' ?

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> To get the discussion started...
> (HQ 12.2:7-8):  For the end of a longish enclosed space that one is
> typically inside of or experiences from the inside, such as a corridor,
> tunnel, or conduit (say, a Jeffries tube or a branch of the sewers of
> Paris), a different word is used: {qa'rI'}.  This is the only word; it's
> used for both (or all) ends.  The open entryway leading into such a space
> is called a {Din}.  If there's a door there, it's referred to by the usual
> word for door, {lojmIt}.

The KLI New Klingon Words list says this:
{DIn} n. Open entryway (to corridor, tunnel, conduit, Jeffries tube, branch
of sewer) [This is the open entryway of any enclosed space longer than wide
in which people might find themselves. If there is a door that closes, this
is not a {DIn}. It is merely a {lojmIt}.]

This seems to be an interpretation which has added something to the
original. In the original, it just says "a door", not "a door that closes".

What if the door is stuck open? Has the entryway effectively become a {DIn}
in that case, or is it still a {lojmIt} (albeit a {lojmIt DIy}).

(Also, if it's stuck closed, it is a {qa'rI'}? If only we had a {lojmIt
tI'wI' nuv} around here...)

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