[tlhIngan Hol] Is DIn the opposite of qa'rI' ?

Steven Boozer sboozer at uchicago.edu
Wed Mar 27 12:50:22 PDT 2019

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(HQ 12.2:7-8):  For the end of a longish enclosed space that one is typically inside of or experiences from the inside, such as a corridor, tunnel, or conduit (say, a Jeffries tube or a branch of the sewers of Paris), a different word is used: {qa'rI'}.  This is the only word; it's used for both (or all) ends.  The open entryway leading into such a space is called a {Din}.  If there's a door there, it's referred to by the usual word for door, {lojmIt}.   {qa'rI'} is also used for the end of bounded space which is seen as having length even if it is not enclosed space.  Thus, it is used for the end of a road, the end of a bridge, the end of a long field.  (Maltz didn't think it would mean much of anything to refer to the {qa'rI'} of a square field.)  On the other hand, if a bridge is under construction and lies halfway across a river or gorge or freeway, it may be said to have a {megh'an} (or {'er'In}).  One could, in theory, hang a sign or flag from the {megh'an} (or {'er'In}), but one could walk on this incomplete bridge only as far as the {qa'rI'}.

  ghe'tor DInDaq ghaHtaH qeylIS'e' 
  Kahless is at the entrance of Gre'thor (PB)

  bIQtIq qa'rI'Daq pawDI' qeylIS 
     qojDaq Qam 
     bIngDaq Qo'noS botlh legh 
  It ends at a cliff, 
     Leading straight into the core 
     Of Kronos  (PB) 
["It" being the river of flame in the Kri'stak volcano.]


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From: mayqel qunen'oS

DIn (n)     "open entryway (to corridor, tunnel, conduit, jeffries tube, branch of sewer)"
qa'rI' (n)  "end (of corridor, tunnel, conduit, jeffries tube, sewer, road, bridge, long field, etc)"

Would you (yes *you*, you who are reading this), consider that DIn (n) is the opposite of qa'rI' (n) ?

Because, seemingly/apparently, DIn (n) has to do *only* with enclosed spaces, whereas qa'rI' (n) refers to open spaces as well.

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