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Sat Feb 16 09:55:19 PST 2019

> Don't  forget that in most or many languages, the words for > colors are
also just comparisons, which have been
> shortened. The most obvious is orange
> (based on the fruit), rose (flower) and many others like
> copper, desert, camel, sky blue, turquoise,

You're right. And something similar (that is describing things by comparing
to other things) can take place with other things as well, for example

For example, even if one says "it is sweet", then the question could arise,
"what kind of sweet" ? And the answer could be any of the following:

{Su'ghar chIS rur}
it resembles white sugar

{Su'ghar qIj rur}
it resembles black sugar

{banan rur}
it resembles banana

{honey rur}
it resembles honey

Of course, as far as we know, klingons don't know honey. But that's their
problem, and it shouldn't become ours.

~ mayqel *I love maltz* qunen'oS
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