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On 8/26/2019 10:13 AM, mayqel qunen'oS wrote:
> Although I m-w'd "heritage" and "legacy", I still can't understand the 
> difference between them.
> If my father dies and leaves me a house, is this house my {quH} or my 
> {'ISyar} ?
> The earth which will be inherited by the poor, is a {quH} or a {'ISyar} ?
> The culture of ancient rome, for the italians of today, is their {quH} 
> or their {'ISyar} ?

Your heritage is something that comes to you out of the past. Your 
legacy is something you leave behind. One person's legacy can be another 
person's heritage. Although /legacy/ can be used for inherited goods, 
it's more commonly used for a tradition or philosophy that one leaves 
behind. A heritage can equally be applied to goods and to tradition and 

The house you inherit would be your *quH.* It might be considered your 
father's *'ISyar,* but in English at least the word isn't commonly used 
for material goods, though it can be in legal jargon.

How people treat the Earth now are leaving their legacy, which will be 
the heritage of future generations.

The culture of ancient Rome is the Roman legacy and the Italian heritage.


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