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> Although I m-w'd "heritage" and "legacy", I still can't understand the
> difference between them.
> If my father dies and leaves me a house, is this house my {quH} or my
> {'ISyar} ?
> The earth which will be inherited by the poor, is a {quH} or a {'ISyar} ?
> The culture of ancient rome, for the italians of today, is their {quH} or
> their {'ISyar} ?

The English words have some overlap. My feeling is that "heritage"/{quH}
focuses more on the descendant receiving something passed down, while
"legacy"/{'ISyar} focuses more on the ancestor passing something down to
their descendants. So in your first example, with the house being passed
down from your father, I would say the house is {quHlIj} and {vavlI'
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