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> From the description, I take it «jem'IH» could also be translated as
> "fortress" or "(permanent) military base" (see also: «waw'»), at least if
> it's a particularly grand one.
> Fort Knox strikes me as a non-castle that might be called a «jem'IH».
> I suppose a mansion that is built both for grandeur and defense might be
> called a «DuHmorHom», or perhaps just an outright «DuHmor» if it's grand
> enough.
> Perhaps to clarify that it serves as a home, you could call it a «juH
> DuHmor».
> A grand mausoleum such as the Taj Mahal might perhaps be called «nol
> DuHmor». Not sure about its defenses, though; perhaps it's more of a «nol
> qach'a'».

​Would {nol} be the right noun here? The focus of a mausoleum is less on
the funeral ceremony itself, and more on the fact that the person is
interred inside. Given that the dominant cultural attitude towards corpses
among Klingons is "when I'm dead, just throw me in the trash"​, there's not
a lot of vocabulary for various ways of keeping bodies around. Something
like {nebeylI' DuHmor} "fancy sarcophagus palace" might work better for the
Taj Mahal.
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