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> If one requires a noun to describe a fear, one could also combine -vIp and
> -ghach.
> {QalvIpghach}
> = fear of swimming
> {puvvIpghach}
> = fear of flying
> {HeghvIpghach}
> = fear of dying
> {'eSvIpghach]
> = fear of being high up
> Perhaps you could throw in a -qu' or -chu' to make it a serious or
> paralyzing phobia? Or just slap on an -'a' after -ghach.

​Using {-chu'} seems like it would mean "fear of verbing
perfectly/clearly", rather than "perfect/clear fear of verbing":
{yajvIpchu'ghach} "fear of perfect understanding" (e.g. an "ignorance is
bliss" mentality, or a mindset you might encounter in a Cthulhu Mythos
{Hay'vIpchu'ghach} "fear of dueling to the death"
Or perhaps even {muchvIpchu'be'ghach} "stage fright, stage anxiety, fear of
screwing up during a performance"
Then again, we know the verbal suffixes don't always apply in the order
they appear in.
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