[tlhIngan Hol] Maltz about fear

Philip Newton philip.newton at gmail.com
Mon Feb 5 11:46:38 PST 2018

On 2 February 2018 at 15:40, Felix Malmenbeck <felixm at kth.se> wrote:
> If one requires a noun to describe a fear, one could also combine -vIp and -ghach.


I have this note in my Klingon database:

  United to do battle together!
  Against fear and against weakness!
  SuvvIpghach puj je
  HarghmeH yeq chaH
  (pp 118-119)

  Source: http://www.kli.org/tlhIngan-Hol/2011/November/msg00403.html

The page reference is to paq'batlh, though I didn't note that in my database.


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