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SuStel sustel at trimboli.name
Thu Mar 16 11:14:16 PDT 2017

On 3/16/2017 12:43 PM, Lieven wrote:
> I received a request from a student/linguist who asks for help for a 
> linguistic project.
> He has written a short poem which, according to him, makes the 
> structure of semantic elements easily visible and therefore seems to 
> be good to compare languages.

I find this claim either dubious or misstated. Semantics are different 
in different languages; why would English semantics presented in a 
certain way lead to useful semantic comparisons in other languages?

> The original version is English, and he has about 100 translations 
> available already.
> Klingon is missing, so maybe someone likes to do this, or we do it on 
> this list as a group:

I tried to stick as closely to the English words and structure as 
possible, even if there is a better way to say this in Klingon. I kept 
personified things as non-speaking things.

> The Blind Hermit

leghlaHbe'bogh mobwI'

> I have no friends; my friends are my senses.

jup vIghajbe'; nochwIj bIH jupwIj'e'.

> I have no enemies; my enemy is absent-mindedness.

jagh vIghajbe'; yab jeH 'oH jaghwIj'e'.

> I have no allies; the stick that guides my steps is my ally.

boqwI' vIghajbe';
muboq pagh;

muDevbogh naQ jIyItDI' 'oH boqwI'wIj'e'.
muboq muDevbogh naQ jIyItDI'.

> I have no companions; the sea is my companion.

tlhejwI' vIghajbe';
mutlhej pagh;

bIQ'a' 'oH tlhejwI'wIj'e'.
mutlhej bIQ'a'.

> I have no songs; I hear the birds in the wood.

bom vIghajbe';

ngemDaq bo'Degh vIQoy.
ngem bo'Degh vIQoy.

> I know no tales; the wind and the rain whisper to me.

lut vISovbe'; jIHvaD tlhup SuS SISbogh bIQ je

> I have no books; my memories are my books.

paq vIghajbe'; Doch vIqawbogh bIH paqwIj'e'.

> I have no games; my game is life.

Quj vIghajbe'; yIn 'oH QujwIj'e'.

> I have no mother; my mother are the plants and the streams that 
> sustain me.

SoS vIghajbe'; mutaHmoHbogh tI bIQtIqHom je bIH SoSwIj'e'.

> I have no father; the cave that shelters me is my father.

vav vIghajbe'; muQanbogh DIS 'oH vavwIj'e'.

> I have neither master nor disciples; I am both myself.

pIn ghojwI' ghap vIghajbe'; chang'eng jIH.

> I have no quarrel with anyone; I rarely speak.

paghvaD jISol; pIjHa' jIjatlh.

> I do not fall sick; the only true disease is doubt.

jIropchoHbe'; ropna' ghaj HonwI' neH.

> I pray to none; my belief is that which I know.

paghvaD jIjIn; Doch vISovbogh vIHar.


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