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jatlh SuStel:

*-wI'* has the effect of nominalizing the verb into the subject of that
verb. A *vutwI'* is the thing that performs *vut,* the subject of *vut.*

If you were to say **vutlu'wI',* you'd be trying to nominalize the verb
into a nonexistent subject. No one in particular performs *vutlu',* so it
makes no sense to talk about the noun that performs *vutlu'.*
As I said, I'd like to hear what MO has to say on the subject. It's bound
to be more nuanced, not to mention a lot less bombastic and opinionated.
Perhaps his explanation would also shed light on Klingon concepts of
grammar and why a verb plus {-lu'} takes the prefixes it does.

taH ghaH:

Why are we dropping the h in *gh*?
'Iv maHqoqvam? 'ej Hoch ghItlhHa'ghach DabuSmeH poH Daghaj'a'?

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