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On 2/18/2017 8:19 AM, David Holt wrote:
> On the other hand, I'm not sure it is so clear that {tlhagh} is the 
> object of {'Im}.  KGT says, "the general word for "boil" is {pub}, but 
> the verb used specifically to refer to the boiling of fat is {'Im} 
> ["render"]."  However, I believe the only example we have of {pub} 
> uses the thing being boiled as the subject ({pubtaHbogh ghargh HIq} 
> from CK).  Does {'Im} work like {pub} and the thing that is rendering 
> should be the subject?

No, it's not completely clear whether*'Im tlhagh* or *tlhagh 'Im*, or 
both, are correct. (Even with an example of the subject of *pub* being 
the thing boiled, it's not certain that you can't *pub* something. 
Sometimes Klingon verbs go both ways. We actually have another example: 
*tujpa' qul pub SuvwI' 'Iw* /a warrior's blood boils before the fire is 
hot./) I don't think the contrast of *pub* and *'Im* in the text 
necessarily implies similarity in their transitivities.

When we lack an example, we have to go by the English translation. *'Im* 
is /render, boil fat./ Now, it could just be saying that *'Im* is the 
type of boiling that happens to fat, but the English translation does 
choose to use /fat/ as its object. This puts me in favor of *tlhagh 
'Im.* But if I saw *'Im tlhagh,* I'd understand where you're coming 
from. If I saw *'ImwI'* I'd be less comfortable, because I'd be 
imagining the cook doing the rendering, rather than the fat being rendered.

Let me know when you figure out which way to interpret *tlhe'*...


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