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On 8/17/2017 9:15 AM, Lieven wrote:
> I just remembered a canon example from ST5. Only partially used in the 
> film, but from Okrand's notes:
> vubpu' jonta' HeSwI'. wa' vub ghaH tlhIngan gharwI''e'. wa' ghaH 
> tera'ngan'e'.
> I don't have the translation at hand, I'd say this would use a colon 
> in English:
> "Hostages have been taken: One Klingon diplomat and one Terran." 

There are also examples from /Star Trek III:/

    *matHa' DoS jonta' neH
    */Gunner: target engine only./

Ignore the subtitle. I would punctuate this as follows: *matHa', DoS: 
jonta' neH.*/Gunner [comma for direct address] the target [colon for a 
following explanation] engine only./

    *jabbI'ID pItlh
    */Transmission completed./

Again, ignore the subtitle. I would punctuate this as *jabbI'ID: 
pItlh*/Data transmission [colon for a following description] finished./

The Klingon in /Star Trek III/ is also a warning to us not to rely on 
formal grammar when in tense situations.


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