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Lieven levinius at gmx.de
Thu Aug 17 06:37:13 PDT 2017

Am 17.08.2017 um 15:24 schrieb mayqel qunenoS:
> If I write {Dochmeyvam bIH Dochmeyvam'e':}, then would it be possible 
> for whatever follows the colon to refer to the {Dochmeyvam'e'}, or the 
> only possible interpretation of the sentence would be that the 
> {Dochmeyvam'e'} are the  {Dochmeyvam} ?

I think that's so ambiguous as the english: "These things are these 
things." Not so nice.

You could specify:
{Dochmey vIqelbogh bIH Dochmey veb'e'}
"The following this are the things I talked about"

or you say it explicitely:

{DaH Dochmey vIqelta'bogh vIpong}
"I will now name thie things I talked about."

Lieven L. Litaer
aka Quvar valer 'utlh
Grammarian of the KLI

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