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> There are also examples from Star Trek III:
> matHa' DoS jonta' neH
> Gunner: target engine only.
> Ignore the subtitle. I would punctuate this as follows: matHa', DoS: jonta'
> neH. Gunner [comma for direct address] the target [colon for a following
> explanation] engine only.
> jabbI'ID pItlh
> Transmission completed.
> Again, ignore the subtitle. I would punctuate this as jabbI'ID: pItlh Data
> transmission [colon for a following description] finished.
> The Klingon in Star Trek III is also a warning to us not to rely on formal
> grammar when in tense situations.

Other examples from Star Trek III:

{He chu' ghoS: DIvI' neHmaH}
"New course: Federation neutral zone."

{baHwI', DoS yIbuS: QuQ neH. yaj'a'?}
"Gunner, target engine only. Understood?"

It might be that Kruge and Valkris come from a region of the Empire
where speaking like this is common.


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