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On 6/21/2016 3:50 AM, mayqel qunenoS wrote:
> 1.  {tera'vo' SarI'} "I hail you from Earth".
> The way I understand {-vo'}, it is used to denote "movement taking
> place away from somewhere". However, in this sentence, the meaning is
> rather "I'm at earth, and from here I'm communicating". Perhaps, one
> could say that "the thing moving away from earth is the message". But
> in that case, I would be expecting to see "from earth I'm sending this
> message". Not "from earth I hail you".

"This suffix *[-vo']* is similar to *-Daq* but is used only when action 
is in a direction away from the noun suffixed with *-vo'**.*"

It doesn't say there has to be literal movement, and it doesn't say the 
subject or object have to be moving away from something, just that the 
"action" is "in a direction away from." In Okrand's sentence, the action 
of hailing is being directed away from Earth.

There is a similar sentence in /Conversational Klingon:/*pa'vo' pagh 
leghlu'* /the room has no view/ (literally, /from the room, one sees 
nothing/). The action of seeing is being directed away from the room.

> Because irregularities like the aforementioned ones confuse me, I
> chose to delete the "message from kronos", from my data banks.

Keep it. Aside from the rest of the good grammar, it's useful to keep 
examples of Okrand's mistakes, if only to convince Worshipers at the 
Almighty Knees of Okrand that his every utterance is not holy writ.


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