[tlhIngan Hol] Disturbing irregularities

Lieven levinius at gmx.de
Tue Jun 21 02:07:45 PDT 2016

Am 21.06.2016 um 09:50 schrieb mayqel qunenoS:
> Recently, I assimilated 'oqranD "message to kronos" transcript, as
> this is found in klingonska.

It's also here:

> While I was processing it, the following irregularities came up :

You are very easily confused by simple irregularities. How did you 
manage to learn english?  ;-)

> 1.  {tera'vo' SarI'} "I hail you from Earth".

I'll leave this to other's opinion.

> 2. {'u' 'oH ghe'naQ pong}
> Obvious {-'e'} omission, on the last word of both sentences

Yes, that's true. Everyone can do a mistake once in a while, even Okrand 
is not perfect. As a sidenote, Okrnd said that this text was prepared 
and spoken late at night, so he was not concentrated enough.

> 3. {Marc Okrand jIH} "I am Marc Okrand"
> This sentence made my console light up like a christmas tree.

nope. This is absolutely correct. There's no problem in saying {mayqel 
jIH}  "I am Michael". Remember that in klingon, there are no articles, 
soyou can translate as "A klingon" or just "Klingon". It's the english 
that's strange.

Next, {SoH 'Iv} equals to {'Iv SoH}, both words can act as the verb.

> Because irregularities like the aforementioned ones confuse me, I
> chose to delete the "message from kronos", from my data banks.

You should not; it's the longest ever written and spoken speech by 
Okrand. Just because President Obama said a mistake like "He don't" in 
his speech, it does not mean he never spoke the whole thing.

Lieven L. Litaer
aka Quvar valer 'utlh
Grammarian of the KLI

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