[tlhIngan-Hol] In the labyrinth of {-qu'} {-chu'} and {-Ha'}

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bIlughchu'qu'! Yes, the rule about -Ha' always coming immediately after the
verb is tricky, since it is a rover that doesn't actually rove.

There are definitely some theoretical shenanigans about suffixes that don't
play well with each other, but I think that in 99% of cases there is no
need to worry too much. What you say about -chu' and -qu' not being each
other's opposites, but speaking to different things, is essential.


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On Sat, Jun 4, 2016 at 9:39 AM, mayqel qunenoS <mihkoun at gmail.com> wrote:

> 'op ret, De'wI'maj jIH 'aqroSvo' DaqHom wIlelpu'.
> some time ago we wanted to remove a small area from the top of our
> computer's screen.
> wev rur DaqHomvetlh, 'ej De' Sar cha'.
> this area was a line, which displayed various information.
> Qu'vam wIchavmeH, De'wI' mIwvaD weQmoQnaQ wInuDta'.
> in order to achieve this task, we searched the web for a program.
> 'ej tagha' De'wI' mIwqoq wISamta'.
> and eventually a so-called program eventually we found.
> qatlh {De'wI' mIwqoq}
> why so-called ?
> la'laHbe'mo' !
> because it was worthless !
> De'wI'majvaD wIlo'ta'DI', QapHa'choH De'wI'maj..
> as soon as we used it, our computer begun to malfunction..
> De'wI'maj *library*Daq, ngIq ta - wa' ta neH - ghItlhHa'mo' De'wI'
> mIwqoqvam.
> because this pitiful excuse for a program, erased a single file - just
> a single file - at our computers library.
> tagha', QapHa'chu'pu' De'wI'maj..
> finally, our computer crashed..
> 'ej wItI'meH, wa'DIch qawHaqDaj wIghItlhHa'nIS
> and in order to repair it, its memory we needed to erase
> 'ej ghIq wIghunnISqa'
> and then we needed to reprogram it.
> why, am I writting these ?
> there are times, when seemingly insiginificant details one forgets,
> seriously mess him up.
> some time ago, I needed to write "I like a lot" ; so I take the verb
> {parHa'}, and think: "I will just add {-qu'}, and I'm good to go". But
> instantly, I though "wait a minute ; {-qu'} or {-chu'} ?"
> and to make things even worst, the even more dangerous question came
> to mind : "where do I place the {-qu'} or {-chu'} ? before or after
> the {-Ha'} ?"
> and this question followed too : "{-qu'} is rover ; if I place it
> after the {-Ha'}, won't I negate its effect ?"
> For a few days, these questions plagued me, and I felt the more I
> considered them, the deeper I was getting in a labyrinth, I could not
> get out of.
> Until -finally-, I was left with no choice, but to study again from
> the beginning the rovers, and the {-chu'} as well.
> And because I restudied them, I realized that most of these questions,
> were dead wrong, from the start.
> Since -Ha', according to tkd, always occurs after the verb, at the
> word {parHa'}, both -qu' and -chu' (if they are to be placed), they
> have to be placed after the -Ha'.
> Now, there is a difference between -qu' and -chu'. the -qu' is
> emphatic, whereas the -chu' means "clearly/perfectly". So, parHa'qu'
> means "I like very much', while parHa'chu' means "I perfectly like".
> If we wrote parHa'chu'qu', then the -qu' would emphasize the
> "perfectly", and if we wrote parHa'qu'chu' then this would mean "I
> very much like" with all the "I very much like" taking place to the
> degree of "perfectly".
> Also -Ha' isn't negated by the simultaneous presence of -qu' and/or
> -chu', because they don't have "the-same-yet-opposite-meanings". -Ha'
> expresses the "undo, do wrongly", while -qu' is an emphatic. And -chu'
> expresses the "to the perfect degree"
> So, finally I feel I managed to escape this labyrinth of confusion. At
> least I hope I did (and if I am wrong somewhere, then please do tell
> me) ; however it is impressive, how forgetting just a single fact, can
> throw off balance your entire understanding of things.
> cpt qunnoq
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