[tlhIngan-Hol] In the labyrinth of {-qu'} {-chu'} and {-Ha'}

mayqel qunenoS mihkoun at gmail.com
Sat Jun 4 07:39:41 PDT 2016

'op ret, De'wI'maj jIH 'aqroSvo' DaqHom wIlelpu'.
some time ago we wanted to remove a small area from the top of our
computer's screen.

wev rur DaqHomvetlh, 'ej De' Sar cha'.
this area was a line, which displayed various information.

Qu'vam wIchavmeH, De'wI' mIwvaD weQmoQnaQ wInuDta'.
in order to achieve this task, we searched the web for a program.

'ej tagha' De'wI' mIwqoq wISamta'.
and eventually a so-called program eventually we found.

qatlh {De'wI' mIwqoq}
why so-called ?

la'laHbe'mo' !
because it was worthless !

De'wI'majvaD wIlo'ta'DI', QapHa'choH De'wI'maj..
as soon as we used it, our computer begun to malfunction..

De'wI'maj *library*Daq, ngIq ta - wa' ta neH - ghItlhHa'mo' De'wI' mIwqoqvam.
because this pitiful excuse for a program, erased a single file - just
a single file - at our computers library.

tagha', QapHa'chu'pu' De'wI'maj..
finally, our computer crashed..

'ej wItI'meH, wa'DIch qawHaqDaj wIghItlhHa'nIS
and in order to repair it, its memory we needed to erase

'ej ghIq wIghunnISqa'
and then we needed to reprogram it.

why, am I writting these ?

there are times, when seemingly insiginificant details one forgets,
seriously mess him up.

some time ago, I needed to write "I like a lot" ; so I take the verb
{parHa'}, and think: "I will just add {-qu'}, and I'm good to go". But
instantly, I though "wait a minute ; {-qu'} or {-chu'} ?"

and to make things even worst, the even more dangerous question came
to mind : "where do I place the {-qu'} or {-chu'} ? before or after
the {-Ha'} ?"

and this question followed too : "{-qu'} is rover ; if I place it
after the {-Ha'}, won't I negate its effect ?"

For a few days, these questions plagued me, and I felt the more I
considered them, the deeper I was getting in a labyrinth, I could not
get out of.

Until -finally-, I was left with no choice, but to study again from
the beginning the rovers, and the {-chu'} as well.

And because I restudied them, I realized that most of these questions,
were dead wrong, from the start.

Since -Ha', according to tkd, always occurs after the verb, at the
word {parHa'}, both -qu' and -chu' (if they are to be placed), they
have to be placed after the -Ha'.

Now, there is a difference between -qu' and -chu'. the -qu' is
emphatic, whereas the -chu' means "clearly/perfectly". So, parHa'qu'
means "I like very much', while parHa'chu' means "I perfectly like".

If we wrote parHa'chu'qu', then the -qu' would emphasize the
"perfectly", and if we wrote parHa'qu'chu' then this would mean "I
very much like" with all the "I very much like" taking place to the
degree of "perfectly".

Also -Ha' isn't negated by the simultaneous presence of -qu' and/or
-chu', because they don't have "the-same-yet-opposite-meanings". -Ha'
expresses the "undo, do wrongly", while -qu' is an emphatic. And -chu'
expresses the "to the perfect degree"

So, finally I feel I managed to escape this labyrinth of confusion. At
least I hope I did (and if I am wrong somewhere, then please do tell
me) ; however it is impressive, how forgetting just a single fact, can
throw off balance your entire understanding of things.

cpt qunnoq

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