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Thu Dec 1 07:55:45 PST 2016

On 12/1/2016 10:37 AM, mayqel qunenoS wrote:
> De'vID:
>> Megatron qam bIngDaq Optimus Prime nach
>> chevlu'pu'bogh taptaHvIS, Megatron 'IH law' Hoch Decepticon 'IH puS.
> there is something which rubs me the wrong way in this sentence.. lets
> analyze it together..
> first it says:
> {Megatron qam bIngDaq Optimus Prime nach chevlu'pu'bogh taptaHvIS}
> under the foot of megatron the head of optimus prime, which someone
> had separated, while he was squashing
> so, we are left to wonder "who was squashing that head ?" only to read
> next the name of "megatron", which simultaneously is the first of the
> two nouns in a law'/puS construction.
> Is this correct ? Can the subject (if megatron is indeed the subject
> of the first sentence), be at the same time the first noun of a
> law'/puS construction ?

There is only one sentence here.

/*Megatron*/*qam bIngDaq* (locative phrase)
/below Megatron's feet/

/*Optimus Prime*/*nach chevlu'pu'bogh taptaHvIS* (subordinate "while" 
clause containing a relative clause)
/while he squashes Optimus Prime's separated head/

/*Megatron*/*'IH law' Hoch /Decepticon/ 'IH puS *(main clause)
/Megatron is more beautiful than all Decepticons/

The locative phrase is attached to the relative clause, not the main clause:

/*Megatron*/*qam bIngDaq /Optimus Prime/ nach chevlu'pu'bogh taptaHvIS
*/while he [Megatron] squashes Optimus Prime's separated head/

The second instance of /Megatron/ in the sentence is not the subject of 
the subordinate clause; it is only the first noun of the comparative 
clause. The subject of the subordinate clause is an elided *ghaH.* You 
have to work out from context that *ghaH* refers to Megatron (because 
who else would be squashing a severed head but the entity whose feet we 
are directed under?).


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