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Okrand revealed {SIp} in HolQeD 12.4 (p.8):

  When air (or gas) from the stomach works its way up and
 comes out of the mouth (often noisily), one is said to
 {ruq} “belch”. Maltz said it is acceptable to refer to
 this gas as {Sip}, a general word for gas of any kind,
 but that gas produced within the body is known as {Qep'It}.

AFAIK it’s been used as part of a compound noun:

bIQSIp         hydrogen
julSIp                           helium
rugh bIQSIp    anti-hydrogen
voQSIp         nitrogen
yInSIp         oxygen

and in only one sentence:

yoq yIn yuQ 'oH Qo'noS'e'.  yInSIp voQSIp je ngaS muDDaj.
Qo'noS is a class-M planet with an oxygen/nitrogen atmosphere. S27


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Do we have any canon on how {SIp} is used with other nouns?

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