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Fri Aug 5 08:53:28 PDT 2016

jIghItlhpu' jIH, jIjatlhpu':

> Perhaps I'm being influenced by English, where "water ice" is used

> to speak of frozen water as opposed to frozen methane, carbon

> dioxide, or so forth, particularly in reports of planetary exploration

> and such. But {bIQ chuch} feels natural to me for this meaning in
> Klingon too, and certainly {chuch bIQ} feels entirely wrong.

mujang qurgh, jatlh:

> Saying {bIQ chuch} for "water ice" seems very redundant to me (the
> English does too) as "ice" is the name for the solid form of "water".
> I don't think this slang should be carried over into Klingon.

"Ice" as a term for other non-metallic substances more usually encountered as liquids or gases is not slang by any reasonable definition of that word, as SuStel has noted (both "methane ice" and "ammonia ice" started appearing in scientific literature in the early '60s), but that's beside the point. I was only trying to think of a parallel English genitive collocation involving a substance's alternate phase that I could test as a Klingon genitive and see how the phrasing worked for me in Klingon. It was a test case, nothing more, and absent further clarification on how the word {chuch} might be used I won't be expanding it to non-water ices any time soon.

QeS 'utlh
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