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For me, the N1-N2 construction has always meant that the set N2 is restricted to the subset represented by N1. Every single canon usage of this construction fits this interpretation, even numbers and titles.
{yaS taj} 'of the universal set of all possible knives, the officer's" = the officer's knife.{romuluS HIq} of the set of liquors, the one from/made by Romulans{rugh bIQSIp} of the types of hydrogen, the anti-matter kind{voQSIp betgham} of the universal set of liquids, the one made from nitrogrn{cha' Dujmey} of the universal set of ships, two of them{qIrq HoD} of the universal set of captains, the one who is Kirk
Trying to interpret N1-N2 in the opposite way, that N2 restricts or explains N1 is a kind of 'special pleading", usually using English as the basis of the interpretation. Also, if N1-N2 can be either pattern, it is only possible to tell which is being used by working backwards from the English again.
But if you understand N1-N2 to be that N1 restricts N2, it works in Klingon every single time, without confusion.
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